Without the added-on costs you could incur from using a “large” downtown firm with all their hidden costs, Appalachian Court Reporting provides all the services you will find any large downtown firm provides.  We are in a day and age where providing the services you require should not cost an arm and a leg to receive. When you begin to compare our services and our prices to other firms, you will find that we deliver as well as any firm sitting in the middle of downtown Atlanta but without the hidden costs that must be passed on to someone and that someone can only be you.  Rough drafts and dirty drafts of depositions and court proceedings is just one example of the way to save expenses for your client. You may take a deposition and be asking yourself the question of whether you should or need to order the deposition and feeling the pressure if not ordering it you put your client and yourself at a future disadvantage. Appalachian Court Reporting takes that into consideration when we offer not only daily and expedited transcripts as well as the normal ten-day turnaround time for regular delivery of non-rush transcripts but also rough drafts and dirty drafts. That type of transcript can be ideal for use in preparing your case in circumstances that do not necessarily require the certified transcript at that particular moment for that particular case. There are differences between dirty draft transcript and rough draft transcripts when compared to the polished and finished daily, expedited or normal ten-day turnaround transcript; however, in today’s market there is a place of all of them. The key is providing you what you need. The day of needing a certified transcript for everything is long gone. We look forward to working with you to help you make the choice of what serves you best.