Appalachian Court Reporting provides realtime reporting services on a daily basis in the superior and state courts of the State of Georgia and in the deposition setting when requested.  What is realtime reporting and how can it benefit you?   Realtime reporting is a service provided by Appalachian Court Reporting’s staff of reporters that allows counsel, and in a courtroom setting the judge as well, to view the live testimony on iPads and laptops and on computer screens as it is taking place.  With a realtime feed and the ability to view testimony on an iPad or notebook or laptop, the days of the pen and pencil for taking notes is gone.   With realtime reporting and viewing it on an iPad or notebook or laptop, you can make personal notes within the text as it is coming across the screen.  Making annotations, doing word searches can be done during the court proceeding or during the deposition while the court proceeding or deposition is actually taking place.  Having a hard time hearing?   No longer.  Simply look to your screen to catch every word spoken   When used properly, a live realtime feed can become a powerful tool to be used in examining a witnesses   Take a look at our video on our web page for an online demonstration of how it works; or, better yet, give us a call today and give us an opportunity to help you pick what services are best suited for your needs.