APPALACHIAN COURT REPORTING HAS IN-HOUSE, NCRA TESTED, NATIONALLY CERTIFIED VIDEOGRPAHERS:  Appalachian Court Reporting provides videography services that are handled within the firm in-house. Our videographers are highly trained, experienced, nationally certified and deliver premium, quality video in any environment. Nothing is more powerful in a trial proceeding than to have a video deposition played before the jury with not only the video played but the transcript also on the screen so the jurors can not only follow the spoken word as well as hear it but can watch the witness testify, see the facial expressions, the pauses, the hesitation in answering tough questions. A top quality video deposition will make the jurors and the court feel as if the witness is actually on the witness stand evaluating his or her credibility just as they would if that witness is on the witness stand that very moment. If you are interested in procuring our video services, then it goes without saying you know from first-hand experience how a poorly produced video deposition can come across to a jury or to the court. Watch our YouTube video outlining what services we offer.  Appalachian Court Reporting knows that you would not go through the trouble and expense of having a video produced for litigation purposes and expect anything less than a product that will ensure that it is a tool used to maximize the points you are trying to get across.  Again, take a look at our posted YouTube video and give us a call to inquire further